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Pain Control and Speeding Up Recovery with the Mind

Contact: Mark Baker                                         
Email: info [at] possiblemind [dot] co [dot] uk
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Have you ever wondered whether you can help yourself recover quicker or control your pain? If so, great! If not, you will be heartened to know that in times when you do need to control pain or heal quicker there is a lot you can do to make it happen.

The book ‘Your Body, Only Better’ shares 200 concise snippets of information, including techniques, examples and research to help anyone develop the belief that they, too, can have more control over discomfort and illness.

The first and third chapters explore the research and examples of how others have achieved a quicker recovery or reduced pain with their mind.

By sharing many different techniques, the second and fourth chapters empower individuals to find the best mind technique for them, helping to aid their recovery or pain management.

With the grounding of the research and examples, the techniques acquire a sense an inevitability about them, making them more powerful and helpful to individuals looking to alleviate discomfort or heal faster.

‘Your Body, Only Better’ is designed to be a starting point on the subject of controlling pain and speeding up recovery with the use of the mind. Readers wishing to discover more on the subject can use the ‘Learn More’ links, which appear throughout the book, to extend their knowledge further.

Tim Cridland, a pain management and healing expert – seen on Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel – said, “Mark Baker is one of the few people I have met who is actively pursuing the many methods of mental pain control and self-healing. He is an engaging, sincere person and I have learned some things from him, as I am sure you will, reading this book.”

For further information, please contact Mark Baker at info [at] possiblemind [dot] co [dot] uk or visit for more details.

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Download a sample of the book or please contact me if you would like a full pdf or paperback version of the book sending to you.

Below is a short excerpt from each chapter:

Chapter 1 – 50 Reasons why you can control pain with your mind.

During WW2, Henry Beecher ran out of Morphine whilst treating US soldiers injured in battle. He continued injecting with just saline: 40% of the soldiers reported pain relief from the placebo.

Chapter 2 – 50 Techniques to help you control pain with your mind.

Picture yourself shrinking down into your body and going to your brain where you see a control centre with many dials and sliders. Find the dial or slider which is connected to your pain and discomfort. Before resetting the pain, note which number it is set to, one being the lowest and ten the highest. Now adjust the setting up one notch and notice the difference in sensation in your body, then start turning the setting down as far as you feel it can go.

Chapter 3 – 50 Examples of people healing their body with their mind.

A 2002 study looked at knee surgery and its effectiveness. The study had 3 groups:

1 – Had the operation to remove damaged cartilage.

2 – Had their knee joint cleaned.

3 – Had fake surgery – knee cut open nothing done then sewed back up.

All 3 groups had the same aftercare and, more importantly, recovered and improved in their mobility to equal levels.

Chapter 4 – 50 Techniques to help the body recover using the mind.

Imagine your healthy cells as plump and juicy berries and your unhealthy cells as dried, wrinkled and shrivelled pieces of fruit. You can imagine a bird acting as the immune system, flying in and taking the unhealthy cells away from your body. Alternatively you can picture the unhealthy cells being watered, back to healthy, productive and good cells that work for your body by blossoming into plump healthy cells.

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