Pain Management
Possible Mind has lots of information for you with regards to how the mind can help with discomfort caused by pain. I am sure by exploring and looking around this site you will find and learn something new about how the mind helps the body control pain.

Your Mind Can Help Your Body with Pain By:

  • Changing your perception of pain
  • Taking control of your situation
  • Increasing your focus
  • Improving your comfort
  • Setting new targets and goals

Useful Information

The quote below helps demonstrate how The Possible Mind can support you with pain management and help reduce discomfort. Pain has a very important function to play in human evolution by warning us that there is something in our body that is in distress. How we perceive this distress is the choice of each individual to interpret and manage.

Prior to chemical anesthesia, pain was successfully controlled through hypnosis and the power of the mind. There are many examples about today where the power of the mind is still used. Dentists, for example, still use the power of the mind to control pain when drilling teeth, with many nerves in this area of the body it highlights the power of controlling pain with your mind. Even operations take place with no other anesthetic other than mind control.

Lately Hypno-Birthing has become a more popular experience which enables the mother through preparation of the mind and body to feel very little pain at all and therefore introduce their child into a calmer World.

Each example above shows that suffering is indeed optional and that it is the mind that decides and controls our perception of the pain and ultimately how much we suffer. You too can develop the ability to better manage and reduce your discomfort caused by pain.