We aim to share interesting and helpful information based around scientific research and techniques to help you achieve your goals. Having the correct set of beliefs and skills to achieve your aim is the best way to get there. There is a saying which applies here and that is before you learn anything, teach yourself how to learn quickly because with this skill you have set yourself up to quicken any success for your recovery and reduction of discomfort.

Your Mind Can Help Your Body with Performance By:

  • Increasing your focus
  • Enhancing performance
  • Developing strong beliefs and skills
  • Recovering from injury faster
  • Setting new targets and goals

Useful Information

Achieving your aims in any activity in life is important, but sport can be even more so because of the practice and dedication required to reach your goals. The frustration that comes from not achieving your personal targets can hinder performance.

I never set limits or created mental barriers. You may have read that I imagined my biceps as big as mountain peaks when I did my curling exercises. This visualization process was essential if I was to gain the kind of mass and size I needed to win the Mr. Olympia contest against monsters like Sergio Oliva and Lou Ferrigno.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This blog plans to share mind techniques to help and support you to improve yourself and get closer to your targets. Mind techniques such as Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis and many others which will support you and help your inner mental side develop.

There are many examples of where the mind has made the difference. Perhaps the most famous being that of Roger Bannister who achieved, what was at one time thought impossible, the sub 4 minute mile. His belief carried himself across that finishing line and changed the belief of the world. Once people realized it was possible many others were then able to break that record. Today the record stands at: 3min 43.13 secs.

Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson, at their peak, were said to have won the psychological fight with their opponents before entering the ring. The same can be said for Tiger Woods in his prime whose mental toughness affected other golfers game.

Then there are tennis players who show the mental toughness to come back from 2 sets down to win 3 sets in a row. You may notice how many tennis players clench their fist and pull down when they have a good shot. This is a mental way of locking the good shots into the players mind and through visualization and meditation. This technique can be reversed, to “flick away” with the hand to help forget a bad shot.

Another very interesting discovery from various studies have shown that the mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is visualised. One such study is by Dr. Blaslotto at the University of Chicago. He tested 3 groups to see how many free throws they could make. Blaslotto then assign each group a task. The first group practiced free throws every day for an hour. The second group were told to visualize themselves making free throws. The third were told not to practice at all. After the 30 days, Blaslotto tested them again. Group 1 improved 24%, the third group did not improve at all but the most amazing and important for you and us at The Possible Mind is what the second group did. They improved by 23%! Just imagine what you could do if you visualised and practiced. Game on!

With all this in mind you may now be able to see just how with the right information your performance could improve just by harnessing the powers of visualisation, thought and belief.