How Athletes Recover Quicker Using Mind Power


Reading an article which shared the mindsets which sports stars and athletes use to recover more quickly from injury with the help of their mind. It discusses a study that examined people who recovered slowly and those who were quick in their return to action after an injury. It concluded that those whose recovery was the fastest had the following traits:

  1. Took personal responsibility for their recovery process
  2. Had high motivation, desire and determination
  3. Had more social support
  4. Maintained a positive attitude
  5. Frequently used imagery and other visualization techniques
  6. Expected a full and successful return to sports

What is brilliant about each of these six characteristics is that each of us has control over each of the 6 aspects. Regardless of whether we are an athlete recovering from a sports injury or a member of the public with an illness or condition we can develop these 6 traits for our benefit. Lets look at each in a little more details mentioned about:

1. Responsibility
We can take responsibility for our recovery. Accept that although others will help you, those people also have their own life with its own issues, you have to be the one who has to take 100% responsibility for your recovery, no body else will give you that high a percentage.

2. Desire and Motivation
If we have a goal and desire to achieve it we are much more likely to reach it than if you don’t. Check out my posts ‘Desire to achieve your goals‘, ‘Who is going to stop me‘ and ‘The Power of Intention‘ to learn more. The Silva method also states if you want to achieve anything mentally you need ‘Desire, Belief and Expectancy’ all of which you can control by developing yourself.

3. Social Support
Talking to others and being open with what you are going through can be a very powerful way of getting support. However, in my opinion, it is very important that the injury doesn’t start to define you. Try to speak to others in a positive way with regards to what you are doing to recover and how you are going to recover quickly. This will encourage positivity from your social circle rather than a “Oh isn’t it awful” type of conversation.

4. Maintaining a positive attitude
This carries on from number 3 and a positive attitude is so important and I always think of this quote by Baruch Spinoza “No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides.” so if you catch yourself thinking negatively, which happens from time to time, remember to flip it to the positive because a thought is a first step in a chain of events as this quote by Ghandi so nicely explains:

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.
Source –

5. Frequently use imagery and other visualization techniques
The power of these techniques is truly astounding. I would go as far as to say that every Professional and Olympic athlete has used visualization to help them improve their performance so why not use it speed up recovery too?

A 2006 study of athletes using imagery concluded:

The implementation of imagery alongside physical rehabilitation should enhance the rehabilitation experience and, therefore, facilitate the recovery rates of injured athletes.
Source –

6. Expect a full and successful return to sports
What is the other option? To expect the opposite which is not going to send the correct messages to your body and as mentioned earlier intention and expectancy are 2 very important traits in achieving any physical and mental aim.

If you are an athlete or just want to recover from an illness quicker these 6 tips could be of use to you. I hope you now can see just how much power and influence you can have over your recovery speed.

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