Meditators Focus Good Thoughts on People, Effects Studied


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People who talked of a thoughts as influencing a person’s health were once ridiculed. But the placebo effect helped change that. Now it’s commonly accepted that some such connection and impact exists.

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When Guglielmo Marconi developed long-distance radio communication at the turn of the 20th century, he had to go to great lengths to prove that it worked. When he said he could transmit his voice many miles, through the air, people thought he was lying. When he demonstrated it, they even accused him of trickery, of hiding the wires.

These are two examples of advances in science—initially viewed as woo woo—that Jason Yotopoulos brought up in setting the background for a study his Merraki Institute is currently helping sponsor.

The study combines the power of the mind to influence health and communication at a distance: advanced meditators are directing positive intentions at people from a distance and the impacts on those people are being observed, measured, and studied.

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