Mind Body Connections


This experiment elegantly shows how thought can affect the body.

Ask a friend to close theirs eyes and put their arms out in front of them.

Now ask your friend to feel the balloon attached to left their hand, noticing it is full of helium and so light that it just want to float up, up away.

Your attention is now drawn to the heaviness of your right hand as you become aware of the heaviness of a half full jug of water that is weighing down your hand, just waiting and feeling how heavy the jug is allows you to realise your left hand is feeling even lighter as you see that you now have two helium balloons attached to your hand pulling the balloons even further up towards the sky.

Your feeling of the right hand getting heavier as the jug is filling up with water, making it weigh more and more.

Now open your eyes and see how much your hands have moved apart, showing that words, your visualisation and imagination affect your body. Proving that your mind and thought really do effect your body.


Try the experiment yourself:

      1. Listen - Try this experiment for yourself

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  1. You cited David Snyder earlier on. One of David’s maxims is “your physiology affects your psychology”

    Stand up straight! Smile. Now try to feel bad -you can’t!

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