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In the amazing book Remarkable Recovery: What Extraordinary Healings Tell Us About Getting Well and Staying Well, Marc Ian Barasch and Caryle Hirshberg share a truly incredible story about the power of Hypnotherapy and the mind-body connection to cure Warts.

This is what the book has to say:

“The most notorious, most homely, and most medically unequivocal instance of the mind curing the body is the lowly wart, Generations of internists, dermatologists, and their wise grandmothers have known these blemishes, tough as box turtles, can be mentally zapped out of of existence if the patient can be induced to believe. In one study reported by Dr. Lewis Thomas, fourteen patients literally covered with the growths were hypnotized and told that the warts on one side of their bodies would go away. Within a few weeks, all or nearly all the warts on that side of their bodies disappeared. The warts on the other side flourished as brazenly as ever.”

The amazing part of this study which, to me clearly states the power of the mind, is that it was only one side of the body. However, for me this study goes on further with a startling conclusion…

“We might ask, so what A wart is an unsightly but harmless condition, not a fatal disease. But Dr. Thomas, the late president of New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, heralded the wart’s potentially epochal significance. Warts, he pointed out, are the defended, turreted castle of a virus, an entity that often defies conventional medical treatment. Though a wart’s structure is dense and hard, often harder than a tumor, it can be ordered into oblivion be mere hypnotic suggestion. warts may undergo, in other words, a remarkable recovery, based solely on the powers of the mind.”

What this book says to me is that we really do not know the full potential of the mind when it comes to healing. This is supported further from stories of people who have recovered from cancer as well as other illnesses and disabilities. They all credit the power of the mind including hypnosis and visualization as a major part of their cure, but do not know exactly how it happened. Considering that Warts are ‘often harder than a tumor’ the power of the mind really must be a consideration for anyone who would like to recover from other growths, what have you got to lose?

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  1. Warts.
    All communication is by way of field effects, electric, magnetic gravitational. .
    A thought process amounts to some charged particles such as calcium and sodium ions moving in space, say in a neuron cell and network thereof in a particular way.
    A thought process generated by willful effort in particular results in an electric-magnetic field in space, or if you want space-time.
    Human cell membranes include proteins that extend through the membrane from the outside to the inside of the cell.
    One end of the protein has a negative charge and the other end has a positive charge.
    If through a field effect the external end of a protein is set in motion, that motion influences the state of the other end of the protein inside the cell.
    Thus, thought processes are able to influence physical events to some degree.

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