Mind controls immune system – a nickel-size bump


An article dated April 2003 on learnmindpower.com states ‘How the Mind Helps to Heal the Body’

The team of Doctors headed by psychiatrist G. Richard Smith wanted to find out if a person could control their immune system.

The test they devised was to inject a patient who has already had Chicken Pox with the virus and see the results. They would then, after a set period of time, inject the patient once again with the virus but ask them to control their immune system with their mind. This would be repeated a couple of times.

The results were, in my opinion amazing, the first injected virus also known as the control caused a ‘Nickel Size Bump’ on the patient. Each subsequent injection with the mind actioning the immune system produced a smaller bump sometimes half the size. At the end the of the study the patient was asked not to instruct the immune system and the bump returned to the size of a nickel.

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