Possible Minds Ideal Performance Client


Last week I was having a really interesting conversation with a person who runs 100 mile races. The conversation obviously came round to the Possible Mind and how the mind is so important in performance. The question was then asked, which really got me thinking, who would be my ideal client.

The answer, after a little consideration, was a person I feel I can relate to after always competing against my older brother at Pool and having difficulty in beating him, although being successful against everyone else. The person I feel would be my ideal performance client would be the Triathlete Johnathon Brownlee.

Johnathan Brownlee competes against his older brother Alistair who more often than not triumphs over his younger sibling. Interestingly Johnathan is the 2012 ITU Triathlon World Champion and the 2011 Silver Medalist beaten by Alistair. In 2012 Alistair did not compete and Johnathan became World Champion. So assuming they are equally as fit each other, and knowing Johnathan has the ability to beat everyone else in the World. I do wonder if there is mental block or an unconscious reason why he does not beat his older Brother. This is something I would love to look into and assist with which would make Johnathan Brownlee my ideal client.

I would love to hear your feedback on this view and who you think would be an ideal Performance candidate. Explain why and how you think it could help this individual.

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