The Power of the Mind to heal cancer by Carl Stonier


Can your mind heal you of cancer? Carl Stonier is an expert counsellor and he is adamant your mental state can be ´lifted´ to help you beat cancer.

The power of the mind to heal cancer
mindCarl Stonier, 55, recently completed his doctorate exploring the relationship between physical and psychological health. The results of his study on patients with heart disease resoundingly reinforce the value of stress reduction and mind power in the healing journey. Carl is a counsellor and psychosexual therapist in private practice as well as a supervisor and trainer for Relate and a trustee of the National Conference of Cancer Self Help Groups. In the l980s he worked on the ground-breaking heart transplant unit led by Sir Terence English at Papworth Hospital. Through many years with the NHS, as a nurse, Nurse Manager and specialist consultant in counselling, Carl pursued a special interest in the wellbeing of cancer patients. He lives in Yorkshire but runs nationwide workshops on shamanic journey, healing, tai chi and meditation. Here icon learns how Carl came to recognise that there is more to healing than general medicine addresses. We report how he developed his unique treatment modality ´an active process combining counselling and guided imagery´ and how those with cancer could benefit.

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