Power of Belief Video


An amazing video by Andy Barton one of the UK’s leading mental performance coaches, which shares some amazing stories of belief and placebo.

The story which stands out most is the experience of Wilma Rudolph who was told by her doctor, at the age of 4, would not ever walk. Fortunately for Wilma her mother believed the opposite and Wilma chose to follow her mother belief. Andy Barton then goes on to state how Wilma went on to break world records and win Olympic Gold Medals.

The next part of the video mentions an amazing experiment in Japan in which students volunteered. The first part of the experiment was for the students to have an arm stroked with Poison Ivy after which they all came out in a rash and some had ulcers. Interestingly it was not Poison Ivy which was stroked down the arm, it was a harmless branch, it really did demonstrate the power of belief and placebo. The second part of the experiment on the students was for them to have their other arm stroked with what they believed to be a harmless branch, when in fact it was a Poison Ivy, and the power of belief and placebo worked once again as only 2 of the 13 students developed a rash on that arm.

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