Seven surprising things that could lower your pain threshold – AOL Living UK


Do you have a lower pain threshold than your friends and family, but you can’t understand why? Here are seven possible explanations that might surprise you!

1. You’re not getting enough sleep
Research carried out in Norway has demonstrated that people suffering from insomnia at least once a week had a lower pain threshold than those who managed to get a decent night’s sleep every evening.

Many other studies have shown that sleep deprivation worsens our experience of pain. If you think your pain threshold may have lowered when your sleep deteriorated – it’s worth taking steps to try and improve your sleeping patterns or see your GP if you regularly suffer with insomnia.

2. You’re stressed
We all know that stress is not good for us – and it has been linked to weight gain, depression and heart disease among other things. Several studies have also demonstrated that stress and anxiety can increase the body’s sensitivity to pain – both in the long and short term.

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