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Mark has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of recovery and the ability to reduce pain with the help of the mind. His vibrant, passionate, open, entertaining and interesting style of delivery will help the listener understand recovery in a new light. Mark will help share why, and most importantly, how patients and clients can give themselves the best possible chance of recovery from discomfort and illness.

Mark Baker has led an interesting life and is happy and open to share personal stories about how he reached his conclusions on healing and managing discomfort. With a previous career as a Nursery Nurse, focusing on behaviour management, along with his voluntary role as a listener and trainer for the Samaritans and his time staying and learning from a Taoist master out in the sticks of South Korea all allow Mark to bring a unique perspective to his talks.

With a developing interest in psychology, Mark qualified as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist specialising in Pain Management and Recovery. After much research and study Mark wrote his first book sharing many reasons why and, most importantly, how people can control their recovery. This along with an article in Nexus Magazine, the World’s No.1 magazine for alternative news, helped cement him as a knowledgeable individual in the field of using the mind for recovery and discomfort. Mark helps inspire and facilitates people into developing the best mindset for recovery.

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