The Power of the Lemon


For this experiment you need to picture what you are doing in you mind:

  • Just imagine you have been given a lemon, a big juicy yellow one.
  • Hold it and feel the texture, as you smell it, it gives of that unique citrus aroma.
  • As you begin to cut the lemon with a sharp knife you notice the juice coming out of the sides and dripping down the lemons side
  • As you cut again into quarters and put a piece in your mouth a take a nice juicy bite.
  • Now take note of the experience in your mouth

You may have noticed that your mouth started to water and produce extra saliva.

How did this happen? Researchers at MIT stated that the mind can not distinguish between real and imagined events. In other words, you can either imagine eating the lemon or really eat the lemon and your brain will consider it as if the same thing is happening. With this in mind can you see the power of our minds to achieve our aim and goals.

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