There’s only one disease


There’s only one disease, and that is called a malfunctioning cell.
Raymond Francis Author of Never be sick again

To me this is an amazing shift in the way of looking at illness. It is really empowering and enables you to understand every and any illness in which you may encounter. From this position you can begin to visualise any damaged Cells repairing. This image below from an interesting article from Stop The Robbery enables us to see how cells differ when they have malfunctioned to cause Cancer.

Raymond Francis suggests that there are only 2 reason why cells malfunction.

Cells malfunction for only two reasons:
1. They’re not getting everything that they need to function properly – Deficiency
2. They’re getting something that is interfering with their normal function – Toxicity

The above is so powerful, that with it you can literally eliminate almost any disease.

By not putting the interfering toxins in your body and adding everything the cells needs, all diseases can be eliminated.

From the perspective of The Possible Mind we feel that if you know what the Cell should look like and what it may look like with an illness we can develop mind solutions to help you visualise your cells returning to normal. Dr David Hamilton developed a really interesting healing visualisation called Quantum Field Healing which can also help with focusing the mind on returning the body back to its healthy state.

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