Dr David Hamilton – The Mind Can Heal The Body


This is an absolutely amazing video by Dr David Hamilton sharing how the mind can heal the body with the use of thought.

The highlights are:

4 seconds : Explains the Placebo and how it helps the body.

1 minute : Discusses how to use the mind to heal the body and share the Harvard University Piano study which helps back this up.

2 minute : An interesting image showing brain scans from the Harvard study concluding that the mind can not tell the difference between physical and mental practice.

2min:12secs : Shares another interesting experiment about flexing the little finger could improve it’s strength. Once again practicing in the mind and actual physical practice produced similar improvements in the little fingers strength.

2min:56secs : Dr Hamilton, rightly states, Imagining something over and over again affects the body. He learnt this people who had healed themselves from a variety of different illnesses. Each of these people took responsibility for their health and visualised in different ways there illness shrinking and disappearing. here he shares an interesting Coffee Bean visualisation to help reduce Cancer.

4min:46secs : Sharing an ice melting visualisation to help imagine the Cancer away.

The Possible Mind feel that what you imagine should be something that the individual can connect with. If need support in developing your ideal visualisation help speed your recovery please contact us.

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