Focusing your mind on recovery


When people take responsibility for their own recovery they heal quicker. A common mistake is that people can pass their power of responsibility to others.

Remembering that with Belief, Expectancy and Desire you can achieve your goal quicker.

The best example I can think of to show this is the ‘wiggle your toe’ clip from Kill Bill.

Uma Thurmans character states her desire to her toe and repeats over and over again ‘Move your big toe” she believes and fully expects it to happen. Once she gets the big toe moving she aims and expects to get the other “Piggies Wiggling” and after 13 hours she achieves it.

This reenactment of the scene shows this clearly:

Although sensational it is not unique and people have created similar feats. The minds plasticity have shown an example of Violinist who had a stroke. With alot of visualisation he rewired his brain to be able to play again. The doctor who worked on this case showed a scan that showed the part of the brain damaged in the scan was still damaged and he had created new links in his brain.
Source: TBC, I can’t remember which book I read it in, but will add this soon.

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