Power of Hope and Prayer In Improving Toothache Pain


The power of hope and prayer in improving toothache pain perhaps is more powerful than we first thought.

In the past, I have discussed that the difference between hope and wishing and concluded that hope is where we take action in some way.

In Kathmandu, Nepal there is a very interesting way that some people use to hope their toothache pain away. It is called the Toothache Tree.

Nailing a coin to this holy stump is just another way to ask the gods for relief from dental pain.
Source: atlasobscura.com

The action of nailing a coin is a form of action that leads to an expectation of pain relief.

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This expectancy has some interesting results as these Trip Advisor comments state:

“It works!”
Touch the coins nailed into the tree and your toothache will disappear.
Source: tripadvisor.co.uk

“Strange belief ”
Vaisha Dev (toothache tree) is a small lump of a tree with lots of coins fixed on it. There is a strange belief that if you have any pain in the tooth. You go fix a coin your pain will go. It is no doubt very strange but people do it. I saw so many people came and touched it and prayed for some time and then left.
Source: tripadvisor.co.uk

Belief is very powerful and if linked to Expectancy and Desire as shared by the Silva Method our mind can really achieve feats.

We also know that the power of belief and placebo can create healing and pain reduction as the many examples in my book Your Body, Only Better share.

But as mentioned before, hypnosis is probably the best mind-body technique for dental pain control which is why many dental practitioners still use it as a form of anaesthesia as this video below demonstrates:

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