Hypnosurgery Live


I have just found this video that demonstrates how we can have full operations with no chemical anaesthesia, just hypnotherapy. It was shown on Channel 4 (in the UK) back in 2006.

The main points I would pull from the video are:

  • 1:40 mins – Dale Hitchman underwent surgery for his hernia with nothing other than Hypnosis for anaesthesia.
  • 7 mins– Hypnotherapist John Butler supported Dale in this feat.
  • 10:56 mins – Jack Stanley Gibson’s , a pioneer of hypnosurgery, work is discussed.
  • 29:35 mins – Example of Dental Hypnosis by Mike Gow for pain management.
  • 40:48 mins – Operation begins
  • 1:12:12 mins – Operation finishes. – First cut in operation and listening to John Buttler support Dale.
  • 1:12:12 mins – Operation finishes.
  • 1:12:59 mins – Interview with Dale and he discusses the sensation.
  • 1:18:30 – Find out what was happening in Dale’s brain when he was having hypnosurgery.
  • 1:27:00 mins – Example of Hypno-Surgery from Belgium.
  • 1:37:00 mins – Studio interview with Dale.
  • 1:41:00 mins – Program ends.

What this program demonstrated to me was the many different ways hypnosis can be achieved to manage pain and cause anaesthesia and  analgesia  for surgery.

The history of hypnosis for surgery is very interesting too.



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