How Mind Power Changes the Body


I started wondering yesterday just how mind power can help change the body. This thought came from a joke Frank Skinner delivered during a favourite program of mine called Room 101. The idea of the show is for participants in the show to put items, people or scenarios in a room to never be seen again. One participant asked for people who laugh out loud whilst reading to be put in the room. Frank then shared some examples or books that make others laugh out loud if you were read the books in public.

One example was ‘Natural Bust Enlargement with Total Mind Power’, although very funny, I wanted to check this out to understand what the research shows because if this is possible it then follows that we can change other parts of our body to help heal and recover.

Vernon Coleman in his book ‘Body Power‘ shared the following research:

One of the most startling and comprehensive research projects on this subject was undertaken by Dr Richard D Willard of the Institute of Behavioural and Mind Sciences in Indiana, who asked 22 female volunteers, ranging in age from 19 to 54, to use self-hypnosis and visual imagery in an attempt to enlarge their breasts. At the start of the study, which was eventually described in full in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, five individual breast measurements were taken for each woman – circumference, height, width and other measurements were recorded by a doctor who was not involved in the experiments. The volunteers then attended Dr Willard’s clinic once a week for six weeks and once every two weeks for an additional six weeks.

At the first session the women were taught how to relax their muscles by using the same sort of technique as the one I have already described in this book. Subsequently, they were asked to do this and then to imagine that they had a wet, warm towel draped over their breasts. They were asked to imagine that the towel was making their breasts feel warm, or – if they found this difficult – to imagine that a heat lamp was shining directly onto their breasts.

Once the women were satisfied that their breasts were getting warmer, they were asked to develop an awareness of a pulsation within their breast tissue. It was suggested to them that they should become conscious of their heartbeats and feel each new beat pushing blood into their breasts. They were told to practise this exercise every day at home.

At the end of the 12-week experiment, 28 per cent of the women had achieved the growth in breast size that they wanted, 85 per cent had confirmed that a significant increase in their breast size had been achieved and 46 per cent had reported that they had had to buy bigger bras. The average increase in breast circumference was 1.37 inches; in breast height, 0.67 inches; and in breast width, 1.01 inches. Most women reported that by the end of the experiment they could feel warm blood flowing into their breasts simply by thinking about their breasts.

This research suggests that it is possible to change our body with thought alone and fits in with another interesting philosophy that I have been reading about this week, it is called Robot Theory.

Dr. Al Krazner described Robot Theory in his book ‘The Wizard With in‘ which was extended upon by Marie Mongan in her book ‘Hypnobirthing‘ who linked it to ‘The Law of Psycho-Physical Response’, one of the four laws of the mind:

This law states that for every suggestion, thought or emotion one entertains, there is a corresponding physiological and chemical response within the body.

The body is the action component of the mind. What is experienced in the body is determined in the mind. therefore, what the mind chooses to accept or perceive as being real, the robot body, accordingly, responds to. The mind does not have the ability act. therefore it sends messages to the body demanding action. The body, in turn, plays out the thought.
Source: Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan

So just from Frank Skinners joke on Room 101 we now know that the mind can indeed increase the breast size. With our knowledge of Robot theory/The Law of Psycho-Physical Response, we can safely assume that it is also possible to change other parts of our body to help our recovery from illness and discomfort.

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