The Mind Clinic – Coming Soon


After much study and consideration, Possible Mind is opening ‘The Mind Clinic’. It will predominately be based out of Boston, Lincolnshire, UK but will also have clinic sessions in major cities around the UK and the world as and when required. There will also be options for online video conferencing sessions.

The purpose of ‘The Mind Clinic’ is to help individuals develop a mindset, based on much academic research, which is most likely to result in a positive recovery or reduction in pain.

Once this mindset has been achieved various and intensive bespoke mental techniques will be created in collaboration with the client to ensure a continued focus towards their goal of recovery.

The fundamental basis of  ‘The Mind Clinic’ comes from the following various factors:

Acceptance is the foundation for any recovery. Without it, you are building on sand and not the firm footing that is required. Once we accept where we are and choose to not resist it we are then no longer fighting reality. This, with one fell swoop, enables us to remove our suffering and work solely on the condition that we wish to recover from.
Awareness and Consciousness
By raising our awareness and consciousness we move away from thoughts and begin to listen to the messages our body, mind and emotions are sharing with us. Life has so many distractions whether it be Social Media, Advertising, TV or email they all can stop us listening to our intuition. The Mind Clinic teaches clients to be conscious and aware so they can respond to their condition instead of reacting. Responding differs from reacting in that to respond we give ourselves a moment of conscious contemplation prior to committing to a behaviour, giving us chance to decide if this is the best course of action for our recovery. It is quite Zen but very helpful in any recovery process.
Belief and Expectancy
The Mind Clinic uses many examples, along with extensive research to help develop the belief that, firstly, it is possible to recover. Then, secondly, with a similar (but uniquely tailored) mindset to those who have achieved their recovery the client creates an expectancy that recovery is also possible for them too.
Desire is such an important part of achieving any goal. The Mind Clinic will work with you to remove any mental blocks you may have. A quote by Ayn Rand sums the desire we are looking to help you develop:

The Question Isn’t Who Is Going to Let Me, It’s Who Is Going to Stop Me

The Mind Clinic aims to share techniques and research to help you develop your desired outcome with a positive can do attitude.

Intention and Trust
The difference between wishing and hoping for something to change is action. The Mind Clinic will share new theories and bespoke techniques created through a thorough understanding of academic and results based studies. Our aim is to extend clients intentions and trust in what is possible for them by developing the correct mindset. Thus finding and moving forward together with actions and incremental steps towards the recovery goal.

One example of this mindset comes from the Institute of Noetics who looked at many cases of people who recovered from a life-threatening illness and discovered they all had the same 8 mental characteristics. The Mind Clinic will support clients in developing a similar and tailored mindset so that each client feels that they have given themselves the best opportunity of survival and recovery.

Power of Visualisation
Many studies have proven that the mind and body can not tell the difference between what is imagined and what is actually happening. This is why when you imagine something scary your heart rate speeds up just like it would in a real-life situation. It has also been proved that when moving our finger and imagining moving our finger the same part of the brain is activated when viewed in an MRI scanner.

This is why visualisation is so powerful for recovery, with many examples including a patient clearing his blocked arteries with imagination alone. At The Mind Clinic we, help you tailor the best visualisation for your personality and condition.

Broad range of techniques
The Mind Clinic has so many techniques and methods from years of research and training to support your recovery and reduction of pain. These range from Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Noesitherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, NLP, Timeline Therapy and Affirmations to name just a few.

I thoroughly believe that with the correct mental strategy along with specifically targeted techniques any individual can give themselves the best possible chance of recovery. Within the context of “The Mind Clinic” I see myself as a facilitator (not a healer) helping show why and most importantly how people can improve their current predicament, whether that be illness, injury or pain.

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