Mindfully – Eat a Raisin


This experiment to fully experience the now was suggested in the book Dharma Road : A Short Cab Ride to Self-Discovery by Brian Haycock.

Hold a single raisin in your hand.

Feel the texture and temperature really aware of how it feels as you hold it in your hand and move it through your fingers. Really explore  how it feels.

Now smell it and remember the smell as you note this really let it fill your body and brain.

Really examine how it looks noting its colour, different shades and shape, explore each of the crevasses and bumps.

Putting it in to your mouth feel how it feels, note the temperature, how does it feel on your tongue? Move it around your mouth focus on the texture of the raisin.

As you bite the raisin in half become aware of how differently the inside feels.

As you chew the raisin focus on each chew until you swallow it and feel it move down to your stomach.

This exercise enables you to fully experience the now. What other thing could be done to fully experience the now?

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