Cancer is a Word, Not a Sentence


Cancer is a Word, Not a Sentence is book by Dr Robert Buckman.

The title of the book in my opinion is genius as it changes the perspective about cancer, that it doesn’t always result in death as there are people who have survived and it’s important remember that Cancer does not mean the end.

One of my pet dislikes is, when diagnosing an illness Doctors give a prediction of how long the person has to live. With the understanding that when you are confused or in shock they are more open to any suggestions.

For example when a Doctor tells a patient they have 12 months to live the news can cause confusion about life and shock, when in reality the Doctor is only taking the best guess in relation to other people and that is it. Then people start counting down – Only 3 months left.

This is highlighted by Dr. Johnston in the foreword of Hratch Ogali’s book ‘My Mind My Master

Like burrs sticking to Velcro, these beliefs are difficult to eliminate and, unfortunately, often imposed by our medical professionals. For example, when a cancer patient is told that he only has six months to live, he, indeed, often dies after that time period because that expectation has been imprinted in his consciousness by an authority figure.

There have also been people who have had Cancer for years with out knowing it and when they get the diagnosis they deteriorate to meet their life expectancy.

Both of these examples have led to my strong personal belief that no one and I mean no one should suggest how long someone will live. Doctor should not ever, even it the patient asks, tell a patient their guess at their life expectancy.

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