Review – Fear and Faith by Derren Brown


Fear and Faith by Derren Brown shows the power of the Placebo to overcome fear for performance, social anxiety and recovery from a phobia.

Derren Brown explains how the colour of the fake drug can make a difference as well as how capsules are more effective than tablets and that injections are more effective Placebos than Capsules.

The show goes on to demonstrate how the belief that the placebo drug ‘Rumyodin’ created by Derren Brown was helping each participant. Enabling them to perform acts way above what they thought they were capable of due to fear holding them back.

With a very convincing back story about how ‘Rumyodin’ was developed for the US military and helped soldiers confront their fears and because of its success it has now been taken on by other Military Forces around the World. All of this showed that the drug was successful and that other have had success taking it. As well as an authority figure in Professor Gladwell adding his weight to the power of the tablets. These bits of information I am sure helped develop the Desire, Belief and Expectancy in the power of the drug to work for them too.

Depending on how much each expected, desired and believed the sugar capsule and saline injection to work was the difference between getting the results they wished/hoped for and not.

So concluding, a placebo is just a tool which changes someones belief into one of optimism for their current situation to fix itself. This suggests that placebos are not needed to achieve your goals, what is needed is a purpose along with a persons desire, expectation and belief. This is some way is proven by Derren Browns Fear Faith, as when each person involved were that ‘Rumyodin’ was indeed a Placebo and it was them that had accomplished their own goal they continued to be free of their initial fears.

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