You will walk again


Dr. Laurence Johnston in the forward for Hratch Ogali’s book My Mind My Master states:

Patients are told that they will never walk again and any thoughts otherwise will will just prevent them from getting on with their lives. This is a tough, deeply imprinted sentence that must be surmounted to have significant healing. It is like trying to push a car in one direction, (i.e., healing the physical body) when the steering wheel (i.e., your unconscious) is cranked in the other direction. Any healing modality will work better when the steering wheel is turned in the right direction – basically, Hratch’s goal.

Dr. Johnston states that Hratch believed and would ask his Stroke or Spinal Cord Injury clients to believe is that they would indeed walk again. With out this belief they would have an uphill battle, as the mind and physical body need to be in sync to get the best results. else the imprint of never walking again will over ride any physical effort toward a recovery.

Again, like doctors telling patients how long they have to live, it is my belief that patients should not be told what they, could or couldn’t do in the future as the imprint this will leave is more detrimental to the ultimate recovery. It is clear to me that with a purpose to live, along with a desire to achieve a goal helps a lot in recovery and in reality enhances a persons live and does not hinder it.

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