Using your brain to stop pain


A fantastic article found on covers a variety of really interesting information about using your mind to stop pain and has the following sub sections of the article which really make you think.

  • 5 Most Common Types of Pain
  • How Do Mind-Body Interventions Work?
  • You Do Have Control Over Pain
  • Your Chronic Pain: What’s Mixing Up the Messages?
  • Approach with Caution

It describes the 5 most common types of pain as Migraine/headache, Back, Joint/arthritis, Overuse/strain injuries and Arm/Leg/musculoskeletal.

The article then goes on to describe how the brain and central nervous system are closely linked to communicate the pain signals.

With a variety of techniques, which we offer at The Possible Mind, you CAN control pain using your mind:

  • Guided/Visual imagery, hypnosis, meditation, and relaxation therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

By looking at the causes of blocks to managing pain with your mind, with the likes of anxiety, tension, anger, or depression, it is clear that be removing the block pain Pain Management is accessible to all just by using their mind to visualise.

The article concludes by highlighting the importance of understanding pain and its cause. With out this understanding it can be possible to do more harm than good. The best way to explain this is that you could control the pain of broken leg so that you could still walk, but as you are moving around the break and damage to the bone is getting worse. This does not happen if you understand the cause and the pain itself.

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If you would like support in using your mind to control pain please contact us at The Possible Mind.

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