The below acronym helps show the ways which anyone in pain can take control of their discomfort.

  • N – Noticing where I am relatively comfortable
  • O – Optimising the control I have


  • M – Motivating myself to engage in positive activities
  • O – Opening my mind to new possibilities and choices (being flexible as much as possible)
  • R – Relaxing in some regular way (i.e. using self-hypnosis regularly)
  • E – Evaluating my time and priorities (Recall that managing chronic pain can be a full time job)


  • P – Practicing self-hypnosis to gain some control over my pain and other symptoms
  • A – Avoiding stressful and conflictual situations as much as possible
  • I – Individualizing my schedule and not being afraid to make “downtime” when the pain flares up
  • N -Negotiating support from others

The Ten Commandments for Coping with Chronic Pain (Bassman and Wester 1997)

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