Pain Relief Techniques With the Mind


Pain is an uncomfortable sensation and with the power of the mind we can minimise that feeling by using Pain Relief Techniques With the Mind.

In a very interesting video by David Snyder he shares 3 helpful pain relief techniques.

The first is the Spinning Pain Relief Technique. Start by closing your eyes & taking your mind to your discomfort, notice which way the pain is spinning. Is it clockwise or anti-clockwise? Once you are aware of this imagine taking the pain out of your body and hold in between your hands as chest height. Now start spinning the pain the other way (e.g. If it is going clockwise turn it anti-clockwise and vice-versa) until it stops. Then continue spinning it until your pain is turning the other way. Then spin it faster and faster before returning the object you have in your hand back in your body and notice that the pain has gone or is much less. See the demo of this technique in the video below at 6min:37sec

The second is recovery/burst breathing also known as emergency breathing and is taught to the Russian Special Forces. Whenever there is tension, pain or stress the body can go in to panic mode and the way to get our composure back is to breath. To do this, imagine you have a straw between the centre of pain and the nose. Each time you breath in through the nose suck a little of the tension up and then breath out through the mouth with a burst (spit like) breath expelling the tension. Repeat this breathing pattern quickly. See the demo of this technique in the video below at 11min.

And finally the third is one we have talked about before and is called square breathing and is a technique used by Navy SEALs to help manage their pain and discomfort. Very simply breath in through the nose for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 4 seconds, then breath out through the mouth for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and repeat for 4 minutes. Learn more and see the demo below at 19min:03secs which talks about how the Yerkes Dodson law effect this technique.

If you would like to learn more techniques to help you control pain you can in my book ‘Your Body, Only Better”.

See Pain Relief Techniques mentioned above in David Snyders video below:

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