SyberVision Visualisation


SyberVision is a great visualisation tool to help people match the skills and behaviour of masters in Golf, Tennis and Weight Loss etc. By seeing and hearing masters in actions participants can watch and absorb the fine details of the perfect golf or tennis stroke. With various visualisation techniques participants can then imagine themselves stepping into the scene to experience the Kinesthetic and muscular movements.

The SyberVision website describes the service as:

  1. We identify models. At SyberVision we find those people who have mastered the fundamentals better than anyone else (experts). In skiing, golf, losing weight, raising great families, speaking a foreign language, just to name a few.
  2. We isolate key fundamentals, show them, and explain them. We determine what characteristics the top group in any activity or endeavor possess. We then bring these common characteristics to you on either audio or video (DVD).
  3. We give you a system for learning the fundamentals. The SyberVision system developed at Stanford University and based on the way the brain converts images into behavior and skills is incorporated in our audio and video programs.
  4. We give you a system for performing the fundamentals when and where needed. Over time, you own performance will evolve to become like that of the model.You will learn quickly and easily . . . and be spared from wasted or faulty effort.


An example video below is for bowling, if you want to improve, the theory is to imagine stepping in to the bowler body and feel what he feels and how each muscle activates thus when you bowl triggering these thought will improve you bowling stroke.

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