The 5 Pain Perceptions


The 5 Pain Perceptions below are simple suggestions on how to view any pain in a more positive way.

  • 1. Chronic pain is real.
  • 2. It is a sensation perceived in the mind.
  • 3. Altering perception can alter pain.
  • 4. There is a skill to changing perception.
  • 5. There is therefore, a skill to managing pain.

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The first point is to accept that chronic pain exists leading on to the pain being registered in the brain, at this point we can choose how we view it. This choice enables us to either view the pain as a hassle or as an opportunity to rest and take a break. This is supported by the research Dr. Henry K. Beecher found when asking people to view their pain and how much medication they wanted. Dr. Beecher found that if the patient was coming from a war situation they would generally want less pain medication and viewed their pain as less in comparison with civilian in pain.

The ability to change anyone’s perception of pain can be taught and therefore a person can have control over how they feel their pain.

With all this in mind it demonstrates that with the correct support and training program anyone can learn techniques to control their pain.

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