Tattoo Anchoring To Help Achieve a Goal


We, at the possible Mind, have heard of sailors having an anchor of a tattoo on their arm, but we have now come across a fantastic story about Jordan Lejuwaan who has had a button tattooed on his hand, which you can see in the image above. When he presses this tattoo he get a power lift in energy. This is in effect an hypnotic anchor which are, and always have been, very effective in help people achieve their goals.

Jordan is very aware of this fact, which is why he has done it. It has, however got me thinking about how this could be used for pain management, recovery and performance goals. I am not saying that everyone should get a tattoo of a ‘power up button’, but I am saying that an anchor on your body somewhere would be very handy.

Imagine a person whith chronic pain and they can not take any more pain killers, a press of the ‘power up’ tattoo could act like a shot of morphine just like the Beecher experiment demonstrated or an anchor to aid the belief that every time the anchor is pressed the persons broken bone is healing and getting stronger quicker or even when running a marathon and you hit the ‘wall’ you could press the ‘power up’ button to produce the correct mental state to get you through.

These are just ideas inspired by Jordan’s article on his site They need some more thought and planning but it feels really powerful to me.

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