Tim Cridland – Mind Pain Management Master


Tim Cridland also know as Zamora the Torture King

“There is nothing abnormal about me physically. Everything I’ve done, I’ve trained myself to do. I’d say what I’m doing is demonstrating some kind of extreme examples of what you can do with your mind and combining that with your body. You could take the same techniques I use to overcome pain and use them in your own life to inspire you to persevere against the pains in life we all have to deal with.”
Time Cridland – Speaking in Faze Magazine

The below video looks at Tims ability.

As the video above concluded it is Tim who is in control of his pain by using Self Hypnosis and by being aware of his body as the Magazine article in Faze clarifies.

Because of his extensive studies and years of practice, Cridland is fully in tune with his body. He knows exactly where to put the skewers when piercing himself to produce the least amount of blood possible. Through self-hypnosis he has also learned to ignore the pain.

What is most exciting to us at The Possible Mind is that anyone can choose how they perceive their pain and with a variety of techniques like distraction and dissociation people can take some control of their pain instead of it totally controlling them.

Cridland has learned how to tap into those same distraction or disassociation techniques. So has the Buddhist monk who teaches himself certain meditations that block pain.
Distraction therapies place patients in a situation in which they are intensely absorbed by another activity. “It doesn’t take away the pain. It simply puts it [The Pain] in the background,” Gamsa says.
“That’s why pain feels worse at night,” she says. “It’s because there are no other distractions. At night pain sufferers have nothing else on their mental screens,” so the pain seems more intense.
“We’ve also learned that a person’s expectations and fears contribute to the total experience of pain,” she says.
Source: www.painsolv.co.uk

David Power a Hypnotheaprist from USA demonstrates self hypnosis to control pain.

If you would like support in helping you to start taking control of your pain please contact us at The Possible Mind.

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