Experience a Phantom Limb


A phantom Limb is the sensation of a limb which is not there or part of you. You can find out more at this post about the Mirror Box.

Lets create a temporary phantom limb:

To trick this system and experience an inanimate object as being your own all you have to do is the following (it helps if someone can give a hand):

  • 1 – Sit in front of a table, lie down either one of yours hands down and cover it so that is out of sight
  • 2 – Get something that resembles closely as possible your hand, like a rubber hand, glove or someone else’s hand
  • 3 – Stroke both hands synchronously and repeatedly with a probe (feather, pencil, spliff, etc.)
  • 4 – Do this for about 60-120 seconds (maybe longer depending on your ability to sink into it)
  • 5 – Stop stroking your real hand while still stroking the inanimate object
  • 6 – Enjoy your new limb!

Source: highexistence.com

Please comment below and let us know how you got on.

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