Hypnosis helps change the body


A woman looses 55lbs through hypnosis is the story on the Daily Mail Website yesterday. This is interesting and not really anything new as the Hypnoband has been around for awhile.

What this really importantly shows to me is that the mind when focused through meditation, visualisation or hypnosis has the ability to change the body. In this case it helps convince the body it has a Gastric Band fitted and the body lost weight.

I now ask, with the Hypnoband working for many many people, what else can be done through focused attention to help the body? Reduce the size of the Cancer Tumors perhaps? That was the initial thought which came in to my mind but I am sure there are many many other ways that the success of Hypnoband can be extended to help others with their ailments or injuries.

Also on the Daily Mail Website is a page giving very interesting information about the Gastric Mind Band and shares some really useful techniques.

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