Your life your choice – The moment of power


Tony Robbins talks of a ‘breakthrough’ moment as that point when a person decides to change their life for the better, this was extended on the blog Beliefs can heal:

That moment one shifts their thinking from “I’m always going to be in pain” or “This disease/cancer is going to kill me” tooooo “I’m going a find a way to remove the pain” or “I’m going to live in spite of my disease/cancer” and ” I’m going to find a way to heal”, that’s believing you can heal. That’s a breakthrough.

The above quote takes us back to the Henry Ford quote once again – “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” I know I bang on about this little quote but I feel it is so true and powerfull to any ‘breakthrough’ moment a person may have.

Watch the Tony Robbins Huffington Post interview below:

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