Spina Bifida Man Walks Again


In a really interesting story about Mark Chenoweth who having been in a wheel chair for the last ten years decides he wants to try scuba diving.

Whilst on holiday in Menorca, and ignoring his doctor advice, he managed to persuade an diving instructor to let him dive. He dived to about 16 meters.

The most interesting part is that when he got back on dry land he found that he could walk again, odd he thought. This continued for 3 days until he lost the sensation in his legs once again.

So, he went Scuba diving again. He eventually noticed that the deeper he went the longer he was able to walk on dry land. The story goes on to say that Mark now only uses his wheelchair twice a year, we assume prior to him going diving once more.

Doctors are said to be baffled, however one theory is that the oxygen used for diving along, with the pressure could help the cells, needed to walk, work temporarily.

Whatever the reason and for the sake of people with Spina Bifida everywhere I hope proper research is taking place to help work toward a treatment.

And by the sounds of it Mark is willing help with any research:

A few years ago, a research centre at the Bupa Hospital in Hull wanted to do some research on Mark, but the funding wasn’t available. We would be willing to help in any further research as it will help other patiens who are wheel chair bound with Spina Bifida.
Source – Denise, Marks Wife

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