BOUNCE – How Champions are Made, Matthew Syed


As mentioned is a previous post Mathew Syed is an amazing Sports Psychologist with very interesting views on how to improve performance.

In the video below Syed shares his views on how champions are made.

Everyone knows that David Beckham crosses the ball better than anyone else and that Tiger Woods never “chokes”. But what are the hidden factors which allow the most successful sports stars to rise above their competitors — and are they shared by virtuosos in other fields? In Bounce Matthew Syed – an award-winning Times columnist and three-time Commonwealth table-tennis champion – reveals what really lies behind world-beating achievement in sport, and other walks of life besides. The answers – taking in the latest in neuroscience, psychology and economics – will change the way we look at sports stars and revolutionise our ideas about what it takes to become the best. From the upbringing of Mozart to the mindset of Mohammed Ali… Read more here

So with the knowledge that it is not down to genetics but belief, expectancy and desire that make a champion The Possible Mind could support you in improving you performance.

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