Tim Cridland – Zamora The Torture King


A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to meet up with Tim Cridland in London, whilst he was visiting from Las Vegas.

He was very interesting and shared some of the techniques he uses to help him control the discomfort of pain.

Tim discussed how he accepts the pain because with out this acceptance he can not deal with it. He then dissociates and distorts the discomfort by sending it away from himself and breaking it in to many little pieces as it is fired away. He can then focus on just one little piece which reduces the pain to nearly nothing for him.

Checkout this old video where Tim demonstrates his skills:

Tim also stated that it is important to feel the pain to a point which enables his body to react in the correct way to what is happening. For example when pushing the needle through his neck or arm he needs to be aware of its route and what it may be touching so he does not injure himself.

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Another technique he uses is not to get emotionally involved with the pain as this causes an unnecessary, different and additional form of discomfort, by removing his emotion relationship with the pain he is left with only a physical sensation which he is then able to send away and break into many pieces.

I found Tim to be a very open and honest person. I enjoyed listening and sharing ideas from our different backgrounds. Him from both a practical and theoretical point of view in comparison to my mainly theoretical perspective.

Tim was interested in a recent course I attended on Noesitherapy and is going to look further into this.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tim for his time and inspiration.


Learn more about Tim or book him for a show at his website: http://www.astoundingshow.com/

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